Kfir Tager

Kfir Tager,
An autodidact artist and one of the youngest rising stars in the pop art scene, based in Israel.

In his work, he starts with a mental introspection and reflections on memories of human figures and images of the coastline and urban landscape of the city. Those images undergo formal processes of abstraction and expression. Kfir explores the interaction between the paint and diverse pictorial supports like paper, huge canvas, and outdoor hidden walls. With the painting, he tries to capture a formal essence and convey it in relation to how it appears in his mind’s eye. At the same time, the different images reflect the reality that surrounds him.

Kfir's work process is akin to embarking on an unplanned adventure. he weaves a dialogue with the painting, which starts as devoid of a “position” and which is later associated with a word/sentence that forms the work’s title, which adds another meaning and imbues it with an ambiguous “position.” His fundamental approach to the materiality of the painting is one of sensual and passionate pleasure. Despite the apparent influence of “action painting” on Kfir’s work, there is a constant balance between “spontaneity” and advanced thought and planning that surrounds the work.

The point of departure in his central body of work is drawing that is somewhere between the line and the colors, executed on various supports and in varying sizes ranging from intimate to large-scale paintings. The concept underlying most of the works is a kind of dialogue with patches of color, and the tension created between the image and its deciphering. The images appearing in the works are mostly echoes of Kfir's imagination and beach urban nature versus different patches of colors, that do not strive to portray reality. The work process is aimed at depicting, very much like a sensitive seismograph, a changing mood, and state of mind.

Growing up, he became involved in the skate scene and was exposed to the diversity of TLV streets, which influenced his own unique style; colorful street art blended with a pop-art-infused comic explosion.

Today, his works can be found in galleries, private collections, and homes in the USA, UK, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Singapore, Australia, Israel, and all around the world.

Kfir is drawing around the clock and constantly creating new projects, so please stop by to check out his new original artworks!

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